Dec 22 - Jan 21

First, we should note the position of Mars, which is the planet-exalt
of Capricorn. Mars will provide his proteges with powerful flows of
life energy and will protect them from possible mistakes. At the same
time, the Moon – usually responsible for the expulsion of Capricorn,
will change the modality of its energy and instead of destructive
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Jan 22 - Feb 21

Saturn (the planet-ruler of Aquarius) will definitely prevent any
problems in the feeling area of life. The Ruler of the Celestial
Rivers of Time will help the Aquarius by allowing them to remember
certain situations of the past that could help in the present. As a
result, the representatives of the zodiac sign of Aquarius will attain
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Feb 22 - March 21

From all the signs of the zodiac band, it is the sign of Pisces that
will live through a definitively stable life stage in July 2015, when
the current tendencies will acquire positive development and not a
single situation will become stale, especially if the Pisces
themselves will be as active as possible. First, we should note that
Venus –... Read more

March 22 - April 21

The zodiac sign of Aries will receive quite a powerful support on
behalf of the celestial bodies of the Solar System in July 2015.
First, Mars (usually the planet-ruler of the Aries sign) will be
especially strong and his support will display itself from the very
first days of the month, mostly in the sphere of personal
relationships. This is... Read more

Apr 22 - May 21

Taurus, mostly positive, but not without the appearance of problematic
situations. First, you should note the position of the Moon, the
traditional exalt of Taurus, which in its usual position will be
significantly reinforced due to its general position. In the end, the
representatives of this zodiac sign will achieve a powerful influx of
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May 22 - Jun 21

For the Gemini, such a situation will appear in the rise of general
life wellbeing and an influx of creativity. At the same time, Mercury
(the ruler of this sign) will focus his positive influence on the
financial sphere and in this direction, the Gemini may hope for
significant bonuses. The sphere of personal relationships will be
under the... Read more

Jun 22 - July 21

This situation will occur because the Moon, traditionally playing the
role of planet-ruler for Cancer, will be significantly reinforced due
to its unique position and combination with the nearby celestial
objects. At the same time, Saturn – responsible for the expulsion of
this sign, will change the modality of his emanations when he becomes
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Jul 22 - Aug 21

For the zodiac sign of Leo, the second summer month will be a stable
time, although not as positive as the Leo may want it. The thing is
that the Sun, the planet-ruler of the sign, will not be strong enough
to confidently block the flows of stellar negativity. The only truly
powerful ally this month will be Pluto, which is traditionally the
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Aug 22 - Sep 21

The influence of Venus, responsible for the fall of Virgo, will not
be that strong. However, it will be sufficient to bring many problems
to those born under this sign. The situation will be complicated by
the fact that Neptune and Venus will work in tandem and this strong
union could not be stopped. Certainly, Mercury (both planet-ruler and
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Sep 22 - Oct 21

Libras will feel a large-scale, multi-target support from practically
all of the celestial bodies of the Solar System. It could not be
better than that. Such a situation will happen because Saturn, the
planet-exalt of the Libra sign, will take a unique position in
relation to the representatives of this sign and will offer them
unlimited... Read more

Oct 22 - Nov 21

In July 2015, Scorpio will not be unlike many other zodiac signs in
facing a situation when the support of celestial patrons will be
maxima. However, make no mistake since not everything will be as
clear-cut in regards to this sign as it might seem from first glance.
On one side, the situation is very clear: Mars, the traditional
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Nov 22 - Dec 21

Sagittarius, the representative of the mutable cross of the Water
trigon, will feel himself quite confident in July 2015, despite the
serious problems that can occur in the sphere of finances and
entrepreneurship. First, it is necessary to note the location of
Venus, which traditionally plays the role of the planet-exalt of
Sagittarius meaning... Read more

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