Aug 22 - Sep 21

The influence of Venus, responsible for the fall of Virgo, will not
be that strong. However, it will be sufficient to bring many problems
to those born under this sign. The situation will be complicated by
the fact that Neptune and Venus will work in tandem and this strong
union could not be stopped. Certainly, Mercury (both planet-ruler and
planet-exalt of Virgo) will maintain his positions and will aid the
representatives of this sign, but his attention will focus on the work
direction, which is why the love front will be left exposed. As a
result, there will be an ambiguous situation when one sphere of the
Virgos life will be the opposite of the other in terms of the
energetic tone.
As was stated previously, in terms of the sphere of finances and
entrepreneurship, fate will be on the side of the zodiac sign of
Virgo. It is unlikely that you will feel that straight off the bat,
but towards the dawn of the second ten-day period you will feel a
powerful influx of energy that should determine your further strategy.
Concentrate on the things that are really important, but do not forget
to pay attention to the details, since you will have enough energy to
be literally everywhere and in everything. Certainly you will have to
try and try hard, but the second summer month will be in support of
you and circumstances will certainly work for you. You will notice
that yourself starting from July 16 (New Moon). After that date, your
resources will be mobilized to the fullest degree, and you should be
absolutely precise about what you want to reach towards the end of
this current stage. If you have your own business, then it would be
great to make the most important deals and to enable large-scale PR
efforts during this time. Right now, the positive effect of such
events will multiplied in trifold, so it would be stupid to miss such
an opportunity. If you are a line employee or your occupation is not
high, then do not try to display your mastery to your boss, instead
just do your thing and you will be noticed, do not worry.
In terms of the sphere of personal relationships, July 2015 will end
up being a very negative time. In reality everything will be much
simpler for those who do not have a lover during the current time. If
you are engaged or married, then be prepared to agree with your lover
even when you know that she is wrong. Arguing would not be the best
option, at least because your lover will be immune to logic due to the
influence of Venus. On the other side, her personal fault will also
take place, so you should not blame the stellar negativity for it. You
should be diplomatic and flexible, mostly succumbing to the incoming
pressure, but do not forget to stand up to it at times. It will be
complicated, especially if you consider that you should not count on
the support of friends. By the way, in regards to your close ones, try
to minimize your conversations with them during this month.

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