Nov 22 - Dec 21

Sagittarius, the representative of the mutable cross of the Water
trigon, will feel himself quite confident in July 2015, despite the
serious problems that can occur in the sphere of finances and
entrepreneurship. First, it is necessary to note the location of
Venus, which traditionally plays the role of the planet-exalt of
Sagittarius meaning it is responsible for the flourishing of his lie
strength. Due to the influence of the Priestess of Love, which will
enforce her position due to some general interstellar combinations, in
July the Sagittarius will have a very great environment on the love
front, one that will allow them to solve any problem with minimal
spending of energy. At the same time, Jupiter – the planet-ruler of
Sagittarius will maintain his position and will concentrate his
energetic flows on the spheres of feelings and emotions, becoming a
true ally to Venus in this sense. Sadly, but Saturn – who plays the
role of the “celestial leader “of the Fire trigon in July, will not be
able to help Sagittarius this month. Mercury, however, will
significantly increase his emanations which is bad considering that he
is responsible for the expulsion of the Sagittarius sign.
It is important to hold your positions until the new Moon (July 16),
as it will get easier after that when the energy of the rowing moon
will be able to block most of Mercury’s negativity. However, until
that time you will have to spend the entire first ten-day period of
the month and half of the second holding the fort from an unyielding
conquest of circumstances to ruin all of your plans. Concentrate and
define prioritized directions. You will have the energy to support all
of your projects, but you will not have the ability to. That means
that there is no reason to control all of the directions, some of the
strings will have to be let go from your hands, or you risk losing
everything that you have. If you have your own business, then be
especially attentive, as you may be offered a deal that will look so
attractive that denying it will be impossible
The sphere of personal relationships will be quite favourable in July
2015, so you can easily let go of all your mundane worries in favor of
a long vacation. Let everything go the way it should, allow the river
of time to flow on forward without breaks or stops. Plan an
informative trip or one with your friends for this time. The
informative trip is an especially great plan, considering the fact
that Mercury will be fully on your side in this sphere. In Ancient
Rome, Mercury was considered to be a conduit of the celestial will, as
the messenger of gods. Such an understanding of Mercury implicitly
connects him with knowledge.

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