Feb 22 - March 21

From all the signs of the zodiac band, it is the sign of Pisces that
will live through a definitively stable life stage in July 2015, when
the current tendencies will acquire positive development and not a
single situation will become stale, especially if the Pisces
themselves will be as active as possible. First, we should note that
Venus – playing the role of planet-exalt of Pisces, will be reinforced
due to some general interstellar combinations and the influence of
this planet is less likely to be defining. The Venetian influence will
far outgrow the area of her traditional competency, meaning that the
planet will help the Pisces only in the love front, but also with
other concerns on the financial field. At the same time, Mercury –
responsible for the expulsion of the Pisces sign, will concentrate his
negative emanations on the financial sphere.
 First, this is in regards to those who are starting their own
business or who plans to change their sphere of work. You are on the
right path, do not worry. No matter what, do not pay attention to what
your haters say (you know who we are talking about). Complications
will be connected with the technical aspects of the situation and here
you will need true allies, which you have even if you do not know it
yet. Do not aim to move the mountain alone, since even if you will be
able to do so – the resources that you will spend will be
disproportional to the result achieved.
The love front will be under the absolute protection of Venus in July
2015. This means that you can confidently conclude all of your tasks
and reach all of your goals that were planned for this period. It will
be worse for those that have not defined what they wish for just yet,
for them this life stage may get quite negative – although you should
not blame external factors for that. If a ship has no direction, then
no wind will help him sail where he wants to go. Be diplomatic and no
matter what, do not use force to solve a problem – this will bring
about even bigger confrontation. Concentrate on helping those who are
dear to you, but do not forget what you want for yourself either.

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