Sep 22 - Oct 21

Libras will feel a large-scale, multi-target support from practically
all of the celestial bodies of the Solar System. It could not be
better than that. Such a situation will happen because Saturn, the
planet-exalt of the Libra sign, will take a unique position in
relation to the representatives of this sign and will offer them
unlimited energetic resources that only an entire planet could offer.
At the same time, Mars, which is usually responsible for the expulsion
of Libras will cardinally change the modality of his energetic
emanations. In other words, the Red Planet will turn from a fierce
enemy into a true ally, which will play a vital role this month.
The work direction will provide the Libras with many opportunities in
July 2015. You should especially note the second ten-day period of the
month that will be characterized by large energetic activity. You will
probably feel a powerful inflow of life strength and your workability
will get to an entirely unprecedented level, one that will be able to
surprise you. Try to get into long-term deals and partnership
agreements right now. You will be able to do this at any other time,
but if you do it now then the result will gain such magnitude that you
cannot imagine. Right now you have the opportunity to lay a strong
foundation that will provide a strong influence on your future.
Practically any action that you take in July will have a direct
response in the first five months of 2015. That is why, despite the
plethora of opportunities in front of you, choose your tasks and goals
carefully by thinking of those that have the most potential. The
ability to plan and to look far forward, to analyze circumstance with
the ability to determine the optimal strategy – these qualities will
be defining to you, especially if you have our own business. For those
who do not work for themselves, the stars ask of you to show maximum
initiative, while concerning the advice of your colleagues.
The love front of July 2015 will not be any less successful for the
Libras as any other spheres of their life. In your relationship with
your second lover, nothing can go better. That is so despite the fact
that prior to this the situation could not get any direr. Pay a
special attention to the fact that you will now enjoy an exclusive
influence among your friends. That means that the priorities of those
closest will be much correlated with you. Think about that when you
and your friends are offered an idea of an adventure. On the other
side, July will be a great time for rest, so you should not expect any
real problems. That is precisely why you should plan a romantic trip
with your lover or a fun trip with you friends for this month.

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