Jul 22 - Aug 21

For the zodiac sign of Leo, the second summer month will be a stable
time, although not as positive as the Leo may want it. The thing is
that the Sun, the planet-ruler of the sign, will not be strong enough
to confidently block the flows of stellar negativity. The only truly
powerful ally this month will be Pluto, which is traditionally the
planet-exalt of Leo, meaning that it is responsible for the
flourishing of its life strength. However, Pluto will only play a
supporting role, without providing the Les any desired bonuses or
opportunities. The time is indeed complicated, at least because Uranus
– responsible for the expulsion of Leo, will end up being reinforced
in multiples due to its interstellar position.
For the zodiac sign of Leo, the work direction of July 2015 will not
be as negative. As it was said, Mercury will not have enough strength
to bring you any real problems. The influence of Pluto, however, will
display itself fully in this area since he will provide you with life
energy, something that you need most right now. Your workability will
reach its peak towards the dawn of the second ten-day period, count
upon that when deciding how to implement some project and when. Right
now you can definitely take on a few tasks at once, but do not
overwork since Pluto will provide you with strength to fight against
Mercury, which will definitely turn the tide against you. It is
unlikely to be anything significant, but the devil is in the details.
So be attentive and careful, especially if you are offered to make a
deal with people whom you do not know too well. Concentrate and try to
capture the maximum of factors that could influence the decisions of
your partners. Listen to the opinion of colleagues and especially to
those of women.
The love front will be a non-trivial life direction for the Leos in
July 2015. Starting from the very first days of the month you will
feel strong pushing from your lover and your close relatives. If you
are married and live with your parents, then we will be honest – July
will be true hell for you and it is best that you plan some trip or
vacation to take up this time. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you will
be able to stand against such vivid and full aggression, called upon
partially by circumstances, and partially that many small problems
that were collecting for more than one month will suddenly fall down
like an avalanche upon you. The influence of Uranus will be
unprecedented, so you will not be able to go through this life stage
without losses that is for sure. So prepare yourself to some not so
positive results, do not put your hands down no matter what, since you
will have enough energy to neutralize the Lion’s share of negativity.
Be attentive, tender, and sweet. Do not let aggression be a response
to aggression, act in a peacekeeping manner, but when necessary – do
what you think is best. That is the key to success.

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