I was invited by Bushra Ansari at her home for astrological predictions about relationships, spiritual growth, family, and her role in media industry, etc. She appreciated it a lot and often asks for my services in an open friendly environment.

Sohail Warraich often invites me for astrological predictions about career, politics, spiritual growth, and family, etc. He discussed various astrology terminologies with me and showed great interest in my work. He is huge admirer of my expertise.

He is also one of admirers of me and asks for astrological predictions about Pakistan political economy, cricket, political growth, advancement opportunities of his political party, etc.

I am also get invited by Ex-CM Pervaiz Elahi for offering astrological predictions about spiritual growth, family relations, political growth, etc. Former CM Punjab appreciates me a lot and encourages me to keep up good work.

Abrar-ul-Haq approached me for astrological predictions about singing career, Pakistan economy and, political career, etc. He was very enthusiastic and eager to know about his political career. I comfortably answered about his questions in an astrological point of view.

In a reception with him, he asked about astrological predictions about T 20 cricket world cup and about his personal life. He became admirer of my expertise and blessed me with lots of Prayers and encouraged me.

I was invited at program 50 minutes to describe my views as per astrological point of view. I answered all questions very intelligently and capably and explicitly described varying events and human’s daily life as per astrology.

I was invited at program Jang Forum where I explicitly described my expert point of views regarding different political events in Pakistan as per my Astrological expertise. I provided solutions to some issues and answered questions very effectively.

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